Syukur Ya Rabb!


helo2...it's been 2 months since my last post...
Alhamdulillah, Allah beri kesempatan lgi ntuk aku post entry2 kt dlm blog ku yg humble ini..
been busy lately... with all the work and all...
and Alhamdulillah...all the plans went well...firstly dgn keberangkatan my sis (merangkap spupu aku) ke Egypt ntuk melaksanakan tggungjawab nye sbg student...eventhough it was kinda rushing...dgn flight delay...n then, there's one incident where her luggage exceed the exact weight...it was supposed to be 5kg's (to be fitted in the cargo), but hers is 6kgs.. so, we have to open her luggage bag to take out her food stock...n then, to make it difficult, the luggage was locked with numbers...n we don't even know it (bcoz my other couzie locked it for her)..n my other couzie  pn xingt jgk nmbor tu....mmg trbaek la....
last2 aku jgk kna beggar...berkat kesabaran n ketekunan (cewahhh...) dpt jgk bukak dye nye beg...n then, everything went well after that...
n my life also went well....w/pun ade mslh sket2...well, life without problems is a dull life...no thrill, aite?  from buying new car, now my parents is in the middle of arranging a house for me to stay...and 99% possibility for them to stay with me... i do hope so...so that i can take care of them...smoga Allah makbulkan doa2 kmi skeluarga...Ameen....

**P/S: I did receive a confirmation letter...alhamdulillah...x expect pon aku blh b'thn kt cni smpai 6 bln...dgn byk sgt -ve stories I heard frm my dad...b'dsrkn citer2 yg dye bwk blik dri ofis dye...tp still mengharapkn offer yg lbh baek...n yg pnting skali, normal working hours..aku dh xlarat blik tgh2 mlm...bile org keje, aku tdo....ble org tdo, aku msh kt ofs lg...


Goodbye Ramadhan...'till we meet again next year..

Hi guys! It's the third syawal today.. How are you guys doing? 
I hope everything is fine... well, as for me.. this is not the best raya ever... 'coz I have to celebrate it at my office..
which is not fun at all! sob... sob...
my line manager says that it's gonna be fun celebrating it at office...well, I can't wait for her to celebrate Deepavali at our floor..then you'll know how "fun" it is.. dh la org len cuti..kite kna keje...x syok lgsung.. luckily my parents are here to celebrate it with me...Love both of you so much *Hugs* *kisses*

well, as for the celebration..hope you guys don't be too excited to celebrate it...make it simple...'coz we won't know that we'll meet the next Syawal or not...

Last but not least...Happy Eid al-Fitr... Me and my family will miss u Ramadhan! Hope that we'll meet you again next year... :)


Ahlan wa Sahlan ya Ramadhan!


Hello guys! How are you guys doing lately? I hope you all are in pink of health..

and I hope it's not too late to wish all of you a happy Ramadhan kareem...may all of us in His blessing...insyaAllah..

May we become a better person from the last year...




Helo my dearest readers...(if I have any...haha..)
Wahh......I didn't realize that it's been a month since my last post.. Surely the time runs so fast..
And I am officially employed for exactly two months! never expects that I can be in this company for that long.. Because my cousin told me that his friend can't stand the pressure in the department where I am working right now and he just give up after being here for only a month.

I couldn't say that I didn't face any pressure in 2 month's time. With the massive work as well as I have to meet the target every day seems to make it worst. Luckily right now we're still in the training period and we have to pick up only 2 items per day. There's another 1 week left and after that, we have to pick up 3 items per day. Which will put myself in a big pressure again. and in exactly by November, we are expected to achieve a BAU( Business As Usual). During that stage, we have to pick up 8-10 items per day and we have to make it as fast as possible. If I am unable to process the item within the targeted amount, they'll sure fire me.

I have to learn a lot. Not just learning how to process, but I have to learn the British slang. Which is quite a challenge for me. I mean, I can totally understands their slang when I watch the movies or on youtube. But in phone, I just can't quite catch what they're saying.

Talking about the British slang, here's the funny thing. Last week, I have accidentally pick up the pre approval item that is quite massive and it requires me to call the Relationship Manager. During that time, I have already pick up a post approval item. Then I just give the RM a ring. I give the product number to him. And he says something to me which I couldn't understand at all. And I just pass the call to my AMOs and ask for her favour to talk to RM on my behalf. She just answer the call with the straight face.I know she's not satisfied with my way of handling the situation. As for me, I just act like nothing happens. haha!

After the conversation with RM, she told me that the product number is incorrect and the number belongs to some agriculture customer. Then I realize..OH MY GOD! I have accidentally called the wrong RM! That RM is the person that I should be talking to when I have doubt about the post approval task that i handle during that time! It was such an embarrased moment in my life yet funny when we think about it again...hehehe...Surely I will double check when this thing occurs in the future.I mean not the accidentally calling the wrong person part, but the part when I need to confirm anything with the RM. 

That's my story. An unforgettable memory during my 2 months' employment. Till we meet next time.. Have a G'day everyone! (Express it with the British slang...hahaha! :P)


Slm readers,


well, sdar xsdar...it's been a month since i start working in HDPM..what a relief to know that I've passed the 1 month gauge...hopefully I'll survive in the next month..

well, since I'm still in the learning process.. I just can't tell how hard the work is.but what can I say is...I really love the working environment..even though we just caught up with work and there're target to met, we still can have fun together.. Just like last month, we have a pot luck..u know kan pot luck cmn? (well, don't laugh...because THERE ARE PEEPS THAT DON'T KNOW WHAT IS POT LUCK I tell you..) It's like everyone will bring their own food from home..I got the chance to taste some weird food like laksa goreng (well, it taste like mee goreng, but it's more like kenyal2 sket lh...) and lots more..mls nk brief byk2 psl mknn...coz it makes me hungry by just talking bout it.. haha..

Apart from it, we also have weekend activities..such as playing futsal..and marathon...it's just like a therapy for all of us to just release our tense... well, I can assure that I'll be having lotsa fun working here...insyaAllah.. :)

BYE.... :D


Shortest Entry Ever..


It is the last day I'll be at my home sweet home...sok da mau berangkat ke KL...sedih mau tinggalkn my mum n dad..sob3... wish me luck guys! hopefully I can get used to the real working environment... InsyaAllah..


Celebrating...entry basi..


Okeh...seperti yg korang sedia maklum...SPM result da berkurun da kluar...tapiiiii...aku baru ade mood nk pos entri nih..

Dek krn sepupu merangkap adek aku dpt 11A dlm SPM thn lpas...kiteorang decide ah nk celebrate kejayaan dye tuh... Actually, my mum don't have any plans in mind..plus because of it's in the middle of the month, phm2 je lah..poket ayh aku pon ngh kurus...so I suggest that we just celebrate it at noodle station in KB Mall..my treat.. so I just drove them there since I was extremely hungry at that time..

When we arrived at KB Mall...trus aje tuju ke noodle station... and let the pics do the talking from now on...


Mine's : Spring noodle mende ntah nm nye....tp ok laa...

 My mom's :Spring Curry Noodle

My sis's: Chicken chop with black pepper sauce

Air aku xingat plak nk snap..coz I just focused on my lunch after I took the picture of our lunch...lapar woh.. mine was vanilla caramel ice blended n my sis chose chocolate ice blended for herself..my mum loves anything that relates to the tropical fruit, so she chose mango sorbet, which she couldn't finished it by herself...ye la, bayangkan...that sorbet was served in a candy jar.. I mean, bkn yg bsr tu lh kan...candy jar yg tecik tu...but still, byk gile woh...share mango sorbet tu 3 org pun xpe kut...

But afterall, I was satisfied...even though it was quite expensive...average of RM20 per person..but okay lh..bkn ari2 pon...nty ble adek aku da keje, aku nk demand yg mhl lg dri makanan kt noodle station...mwahahaaha... :P

Orait..that's all for now... BYE!